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The peoples of the world have been in conflict for as long as time can remember. It is easy to feel cynical about any prospect of lasting peace in the world when we do nothing more than recycle past mistakes. What if we took another path? Could it be we are more alike than we realize? Maybe our disillusionment only comes from a lack of perspective. As we rise to higher ground, the borders between us begin to fade. From up here, we can see a shared, conflicted past, but also a common origin. And we can see a path that leads to a united and peaceful future.

The Nightowls and the Sunflowers were as different as night and day. They had been in conflict for as long as time could tell. They had nothing in common and each feared the other. The Sunflowers prayed to the God of the sun. The Nightowls prayed to the God of the moon. What could possibly give any hope of reconciliation? The belief and courage of a young girl sets in motion a series of events that just might change the course of history for the Sunflowers and the Nightowls. Could the key to their destiny be ours as well?

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